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Blossom III - Irene Sanderson

Irene Sanderson

I often use the materials and techniques of ink painting, a spare and eloquent form with its roots in China and Japan. I studied and painted in Japan for some years and still visit there for my work. My latest return, on which I have based these paintings, largely focused on Shintō shrines and icons, monuments to a faith that subtly connects the age of myth to cutting-edge modernity.

1 April & 30 May

Rachel Gibson - Flying South (2019)

Rachel Gibson

Selecting work for an exhibition which links visual art and music has been interesting. Whilst this project has allowed me to think back through this very unusual year and the work I have made, it has made me particularly aware of communication of thoughts, energies and ideas, something that musicians playing together are involved with constantly.

1 February & 31 March

Netherby Hall Gun Room

Alison Critchlow

The paintings in this exhibition are all inspired by moving water. Whether charting waves crashing on wild Hebridean shores or the stillness of a summer evening by the Solway Firth they aim to capture the spirit of a moment and hold a snatch of something fundamental and intangible.

1 December & 31 January

Gillian Naylor

My visual imagination developed in contrast to my ability to read or write, which was always a struggle. Now when I ponder a dilemma, my brain gives me a painting for an answer. I make mixed media paintings that tell a story.

1 October & 30 November 

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